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Click for larger image 121. Anonymous  
Thy Son Liveth: Messages from a Soldier to His Mother 

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company Boston, MA, 1920
Thy Son Liveth: Messages from A Soldier to His Mother. Anonymous. Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Company, 1920. Hardcover. "In issuing anonymously a book of this character the publishers feel that a few words of explanation are necessary. The manuscript was received from an author known to them, accompanied by the following letter: ‘The notes fro this manuscript came into my possession several months ago, but I have not seen my way clear to submit it for publication until now, when the poignant grief of the world moves every heart to offer all it may of comfort. I am convinced that the simply presented letters of the soldier killed in Flanders contain comfort to all who now mourn or must mourn in the future. I should like to see these letters given a wide circulation through the medium of an inexpensive book.’ Convinced of the sincerity of the author, and realizing that these messages from an American soldier were no ordinary spirit communication the publishers asked for further information. The author replied: ‘I ask you to regard the book as truth, unaccompanied by truths of any sort, making its own explanation and appeal.’ This book is published with the hope that it will fulfill the author’s wish--give comfort to those of whom the war has demanded the bodies of their loved ones. Its message, as expressed in one of Bob’s communications to his mother, is ‘There is no death. Life goes on without hindrance or handicap. The one thing that troubles the men who come here is the fact that the ones that loved them are in agony." vi + 84 pages. Original copies of this title are difficult to find! Book is in GOOD condition; binding is tight; text pages clean. Dust jacket is in POOR condition; complete but with excessive wear. Poor. Hard Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000697
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Appr.: | AUD 40.00 | CAD 40.20 | EUR 30.21 | GBP 25.84 | JPY 3333 | MXN 500 | ZAR 268 |
Click for larger image 122. Anonymous  
The Autobiography of a Flea 

Publisher: Pendulum Atlanta, GA, 1967
Book is in FAIR condition; chipping and wear to cover. There is also some discoloration to text pages. Paper wrappers. "The Autobiography of a Flea is a Victorian era erotic novel published under the name Anonymous in 1901 in London……The novel is narrated by a flea who tells the tale of a beautiful young girl named Bella falling into her own curiosity of her sexuality and the people who take advantage of her own ignorance. The novel serves as both erotica and also as a piece of anti-church propaganda (by portraying members of the priesthood as immoral, manipulative and hypocritical)……" 223 pages. No Jacket. Mass Market Paperback. Book condition: Fair
Item number: 000071
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Appr.: | AUD 16.50 | CAD 16.58 | EUR 12.46 | GBP 10.66 | JPY 1375 | MXN 206 | ZAR 111 |
Click for larger image 123. Anonymous  
Anonymous Cookbook II 

Publisher: Alcoholics Anonymous Olympia, WA, 1977
Anonymous Cookbook II. By Anonymous. Olympia, WA: Anonymous Cookbook II (Alcoholics Anonymous), 1977. Trade paperback format. Includes about fifty recipes from quick meals to main courses and desserts. Quotations and sayings for AA members are interspersed throughout the pages. An interesting, unusual, and very scarce fund-raising cookbook. 30 pages. Boook is in GOOD condition; shelfwear. Binding is tight; text pages clean. Paper wrappers. No Jacket. Soft Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000358
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Appr.: | AUD 20.00 | CAD 20.10 | EUR 15.11 | GBP 12.92 | JPY 1667 | MXN 250 | ZAR 134 |
Click for larger image 124. Anson, Jack L.  
Phi Kappa Tau Pledge Manual (Twelfth Edition) 

Publisher: The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Oxford, Ohio, 1964
Phi Kappa Tau Pledge Manual (Twelfth Edition). By Jack L. Anson (ed). Oxford, OH: The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, 1964. Hardcover. This is the Pledge Manual for this 100-year-old national college fraternity. Well illustrated with black and white photographs. 76 pages. Book is in VERY GOOD condition. No dust jacket (as issued). No Jacket. Hard Cover. Book condition: Very Good
Item number: 000215
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Appr.: | AUD 50.00 | CAD 50.25 | EUR 37.76 | GBP 32.30 | JPY 4167 | MXN 625 | ZAR 336 |
Click for larger image 125. Appleton, Victor, Illustrated by: Falk, Nat  
Tom Swift and His Ocean Airport, or, Foiling the Haargolanders 

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers New York, 1924
Tom Swift and His Ocean Airport, or, Foiling the Haargolanders. By Victor Appleton; illustrated by Nt Falk. New York: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1934. First edition (?); This is the 37th, and last title on the list of this series. Hardcover. Tom Swift endeavors to construct a large floating airbase far offshore in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean requiring a special imported wood available only from Haargoland.  Soon the Hargolanders appear to "reclaim" this giant runway for their country, and Tom must use his new soundless wireless to radio for help from the US Navy. 214 pages + advertisements. Book is in FAIR condition; significant shelfwear, but binding is still intact; text pages are clean. No dust jacket. . No Jacket. Hard Cover. Book condition: Fair
Item number: 000673
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Appr.: | AUD 60.00 | CAD 60.30 | EUR 45.32 | GBP 38.76 | JPY 5000 | MXN 750 | ZAR 403 |
Click for larger image 126. Arman, David and Linda  
Historical Staffordshire: An Illustrated Check List 

Publisher: Arman Enterprises, Inc. Danville, VA, 1974
Historical Staffordshire: An Illustrated Check List. By David and Linda Arman. Danville, VA: Arman Enterprises, Inc., 1974. Hardcover. "This book is aimed at collectors in three different stages of their pursuit of Historical Staffordshire. The beginning collector, the active collector, and that collector who has ceased collecting and desires to dispose of the collection. We begin with the novice and discuss what to collect and how to start a collection…." This book offers an excellent reference on Staffordshire, from condition to relative value. Very well illustrated. 244 pages with index. Book is in GOOD or better condition; gift inscription on front endpaper. Dust jacket is in GOOD condition; rubbing (see photo of front panel). Good. Hard Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000270
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Appr.: | AUD 35.00 | CAD 35.18 | EUR 26.44 | GBP 22.61 | JPY 2917 | MXN 438 | ZAR 235 |
Click for larger image 127. Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Show), Illustrated by: Croome  
The Last Penny and Other Stories 

Publisher: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Philadelphiia PA, 1868
Arthur's Juvenile Library. Timothy Shay Arthur was a popular American journalist and novelist of the early to mid-nineteenth century. His writing reflected the values, beliefs and habits of respectable middle-class life in America in his time. Written for younger readers, The Last Penny and Other Stories is a nice collection of short stories by Arthur. 153 pages. . No Jacket. Hard Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000110
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Appr.: | AUD 10.00 | CAD 10.05 | EUR 7.55 | GBP 6.46 | JPY 833 | MXN 125 | ZAR 67 |
Click for larger image 128. Asinger, F.  
Paraffins: Chemistry and Technology 

Publisher: Pergqamon Press Oxford, England, 1968
Paraffins: Chemistry and Technology. By F. Asinger; translated by B. J. Hazzard. Oxford, England: Pergamon Press Ltd., 1968. First English Edition. Hardcover. "The present book was not written with the object of an in any way exhaustive treatment of the extensive field of the chemistry and technology of the paraffinic hydrocarbons. It deals primarily in more detail with the fundamentals of those methods and processes for the manufacture and chemical treatment of the paraffinic hydrocarbons which are either already being carried out industrially today or which are within the range of technical possibilities provided by the present state of knowledge and experience. "In this way, the technical man will perhaps be put in a position in which he can rapidly obtain an insight into this field of science. "The book is directed primarily to the chemist involved in research and development. In addition, it will give the advanced student a picture of the many-sided possibilities of the use of the paraffinic hydrocarbons, which were long regarded as extraordinarily uncreative. It will show that the paraffinic hydrocarbons are incorrectly named, since they are capable of undergoing reactions which the aromatics cannot take part in at all, and that they undergo reactions which until recently appeared to be restricted to the aromatics, although in a different form, even more readily and under milder conditions than the latter…." xxiii + 896 pages with index. Book is in GOOD condition. No dust jacket. No Jacket. Hard Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000195
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Appr.: | AUD 35.00 | CAD 35.18 | EUR 26.44 | GBP 22.61 | JPY 2917 | MXN 438 | ZAR 235 |
Click for larger image 129. Atwell, Lester  
Love Is Just Around the Corner 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster New York, 1963
Love Is Just Around the Corner. By Lester Atwell. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1963. Second printing. Hardcover. "This wonderfully zany novel brings back New York’s vie Boheme of the 1930s. It evokes the special king of exhilaration that hungry but hopeful young people often found in those Depression years when nothing was in the larder, but just about everything--not only prosperity, but fame, happiness, and a solution to all the world’s problems--was just around the corner. The heroine, Flora, is an intense, sloppy, infuriating, lovable girl with a limited talent for art and an unlimited genius for creating chaos--which she creates continuously, ebulliently, and concurrently in three rings. In the studio--Flora runs a sketch class and leases out squatters’ rights in her huge, dingy but bursting with life studio to every kind of creative lame duck, including a xylophone team bucking for an appearance on Major Bowes’ radio hour and a life class complete with blushing model. In the store--Flora’s elemental individuality and complete lack of time-clock aptitudes shake the foundations of the Fifth Avenue department store where she miraculously manages to hold a job as a fashion artist. In her private life--Flora would like to be a devoted Communist like Harry, whom she loves. But, unlike the store, the Party recognizes that no Organization could possibly co-exist with Flora. Flora’s story is told with the same open-hearted directness that has made many readers regard Mr. Atwell’s first book, Private, as one of the classics of World War II. In the hilarious and touching pages of Love Is Just Around the Corner he has totally captured the atmosphere and mood of New York in the lean but not unhappy thirties." 348 pages. Book is in FAIR to GOOD condition. Pages are cream colored. Dust jacket is in GOOD condition. Good. Hard Cover. Book condition: Fair to Good
Item number: 000560
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Appr.: | AUD 17.50 | CAD 17.59 | EUR 13.22 | GBP 11.30 | JPY 1458 | MXN 219 | ZAR 117 |
Click for larger image 130. Aubry, Octave  

Publisher: Flammarion France, 1961
Napoleon. By Octave Aubry. NP: Flammarion, 1961. Oversized hardcover. "Napoleon est le nom le plus sonore de l’histoire moderne. Octave Aubrey a magistralement evoque cette existence prodigieuse, capable d’emplir tout un siecle. Il dessine en touches rapides le portrait de l’adolescent, celui du jeune officier inquiet a la veille de son immense destin. Puis Octave Aubry decrit les diverses etapes de la vie du soldat, du Consul, de l’Empereur: un empereur aureole de gloire, mais humain dans sa carriere subhuman et qui a pour arrier-plan la France qu’il a petrie et qui est encore la notre. Un dernier tableua, car cette vie legendaire prete merveilleusement a l’imagerie, retrace la captivite de Sainte-Helene, la mort sur le rocher perdu de l’ Atlantique Sud." Text is entirely in French. Illustrated with 12 color plates and over 800 black and white pictures. 380 pages This title is difficult to find in the United States. Book is in VERY GOOD condition. Dust jacket is in VERY GOOD condition. Very Good. Hard Cover. Book condition: Very Good
Item number: 000287
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Appr.: | AUD 30.00 | CAD 30.15 | EUR 22.66 | GBP 19.38 | JPY 2500 | MXN 375 | ZAR 201 |
Click for larger image 131. Aurand, Jr., A. Monroe (ed)  
Cooking with the Pennsylvania Dutch: A Collection of Choice and Tried Old Time Home and Farm Recipes 

Publisher: The Aurand Press Lancaster, PA
ca. 1950s (?). ".These recipes and their application for home and farm use are primarily the work of the late Mrs. Edith M. Thomas, of Quakertown, Pa., about whom more than one person has been heard to say: ‘She certainly knew how to make things that were so very good.’…. "We offer a representative collection of tried recipes which we believe will appeal not only to the average cook, but the specialist as well. It occurs to us that there isn’t anything ‘funny’ about cooking, but this is a lot of fun doing it, if cooks know what they are doing…." Over 100 recipes. 32 pages. No Jacket. Soft Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000085
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Appr.: | AUD 5.00 | CAD 5.03 | EUR 3.78 | GBP 3.23 | JPY 417 | MXN 62 | ZAR 34 |
Click for larger image 132. Azpilicueta, Luis and Martin, Ricardo  
Sa Nostra: Cien Anos De Las Historia De Baleares 

Publisher: Salvat Editores S.A. Estella, Spain, 1982
"Sa Nostra": Cien anos de la Historia de Baleares. By Luis Azpilicueta and Ricardo Martin (eds). Estella, Spain: Salvat Editores, S.A., 1982. Oversized hardcover. This is a well-illustrated look at the Balearic Islands in the Spanish Mediterranean, including Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Text is entirely in Spanish. Numerous color photographs. 286 pages. Book is in GOOD condition; some wear to edges. Pictorial cover (see photo); no dust jacket. ISBN: 84-345-4255-2. No Jacket. Hard Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000152
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Appr.: | AUD 25.00 | CAD 25.13 | EUR 18.88 | GBP 16.15 | JPY 2083 | MXN 312 | ZAR 168 |
Click for larger image 133. Bailey, L. H.  
The Garden of Larkspurs with Decorations 

Publisher: The Macmillan Company New York, 1939
The Garden of Larkspurs: With Decorations. By L. H. Bailey. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1939. First printing (stated). Hardcover. "With this authoritative and thorough book on larkspur and delphinium, Dr. Bailey continues the series begun by "The Garden of Gourds" and "The Garden of Pinks". Here he provides a practical treatment of the uses and cultivation of all species of larkspur which have been found adaptable in the United States. More than 100 supposed species are accounted for. A chapter on delphinium diseases is contributed by Leon H. Leonian, editor for the American Delphinium Society; another on pests is written by W. E. Blauvelt, Profess in the College of Agriculture at Cornell University. The book is a departure in delphinium work, for it does not follow the usual method for such works. Besides the factual information on soil, drainage, fertilizing and mulching, and location of beds, Dr. Bailey writes an enumeration of 113 varieties of 76 species, a key to varieties, and expert advice for those who wish to breed or hybridize larkspur. The book is illustrated with 25 decorative pen drawings, a frontispiece and an end piece in color." 116 pages with index. Book is in GOOD condition. Dust jacket is present but is in POOR condition; separated at front fold into two pieces. . Poor. Hard Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000615
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Appr.: | AUD 20.00 | CAD 20.10 | EUR 15.11 | GBP 12.92 | JPY 1667 | MXN 250 | ZAR 134 |
Click for larger image 134. Bailey, Pearl  
Pearl's Kitchen: An Extraordinary Cookbook 

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich New York, 1973
Pearl’s Kitchen: An Extraordinary Cookbook. By Pearl Bailey. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973. Hardcover. SIGNED on dedication page: "To Bill / Pots of Love / Pearl Bailey". A small photograph of Pearl Bailey, signed "Love Pearl", is also included with the book. "….Departing from the usual statistical shorthand one associates with cookbooks, Pearl has given us a cookbook filled not only with mouth-watering recipes but also with warmth and humor and anecdote after anecdote from her private and public lives. Pearl’s Kitchen contains about a hundred recipes, from pearl Bailey’s own specialties (‘Lamb Chops Sumpin else, ’ ‘Hamburger All the Way, ’ Macaroni and Cheese If I Say So Myself’) to favorite recipes from friends, ….fans…., to Bing Crosby, Carol Burnett, Tony Bennett (his mother’s lasagna), Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Burt Reynolds, Perle Mesta, and Victor Borge. Pearl likes to keep everything simple and reliable; these are recipes any cook will enjoy making. She also likes to keep everything economical…." 211 pages with index. Book is in VERY GOOD condition. Dust jacket is in GOOD condition; edgewear. ISBN: 0151716005 Signed by Author. Good. Hard Cover. Book condition: Very Good
Item number: 000737
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Appr.: | AUD 15.00 | CAD 15.08 | EUR 11.33 | GBP 9.69 | JPY 1250 | MXN 188 | ZAR 101 |
Click for larger image 135. Balcom, E. Joan  
Fundy Tales 

Publisher: Privately Published Kentville, NS, Canada, 1969
Fundy Tales. By E. Joan Balcom. Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada: G. R. Saunders Ltd., 1969. Second edition (stated). Softcover booklet (stapled binding). "The petite province of Nova Scotia is bordered in the north by the tremendous waters of the Bay of Fundy. This region is distinct and invigorating. It has a history as varied and interesting as a popular novel. There have been pirates, stories of settlers and Indians, French and English to dot the colorful past of this Canadian province….The Fundy region has a lure all its own. It has played a unique role in the development of a country and its peoples. And, through all the ages since salt-green tides have churned within this great Bay, tales of pirates, Indians and simple fisher-folk have sprung up along this jagged coast. These tales have seldom been written but have passed from generation to generation as legends until today, they form an intangible part of this…Canada’s most ancient region." 28 pages. Book is in VERY GOOD condition. Paper wrappers. . No Jacket. Soft Cover. Book condition: Very Good
Item number: 000715
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Appr.: | AUD 12.00 | CAD 12.06 | EUR 9.06 | GBP 7.75 | JPY 1000 | MXN 150 | ZAR 81 |
Click for larger image 136. Ballantyne, R. M., Illustrated by: Ballantyne, R. M.  
Charlie to the Rescue: A Tale of the Sea and Rockies 

Publisher: Thomas Nelson & Sons New York, 1890
Charlie to the Rescue: A Tale of the Sea and the Rockies. By R. M. Ballantyne; illustrations by the author. New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1890. Antiquarian hardcover. Ballantyne was a prolific and popular author of adventure tales in the mid to late nineteenth century. This is one of his later novels, originally published in 1890. This book has been recently reprinted; copies of the original edition are VERY SCARCE and difficult to find. Five engraved illustrations. 423 pages. Book is in VERY GOOD condition; some wear to edges; nice pictorial cover (see photo); binding is tight; text pages are clean and still white. No dust jacket. No Jacket. Hard Cover. Book condition: Very Good
Item number: 000238
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Appr.: | AUD 100.00 | CAD 100.50 | EUR 75.53 | GBP 64.60 | JPY 8333 | MXN 1250 | ZAR 671 |
Click for larger image 137. Balsamo, William and Carpozi, Jr., George  
Under the Clock: The Inside Story of the Mafia's First Hundred Years 

Publisher: New Horizon Press Far Hills, NJ, 1988
Under the Clock: The Inside Story of the Mafia’s First Hundred Years. By William Balsamo and George Carpozi, Jr. Far Hills, NJ: New Horizon Press, 1988. Hardcover. "Under the Clock is the amazing account of the rise of the Mafia in America that has never been told before. "Based on previously unavailable information and nearly two decades of research, it reveals for the first time all the unsavory facts of the Mob’s bloody evolution from a gang of uncouth, bumbling killers into the highly organized, smoothly running ‘corporation’ it is today. "In here, William Balsamo, greatnephew of the first godfather, Don Giuseppe--’Battista’--Balsamo, and George Carpozi, Jr. disclose the Mob’s savage beginnings in the group of Italian immigrants--the ’Black Hand’ who tore control of New York’s waterfronts away from the Irish racketeers--the ’White Hand’--and went on from there. "They trace the Black Hand’s coalescence into an organization whose insidious influence reached across the country and into a presidential administration. "Under the Clock explores the horrifying facts behind the rise and fall of the Mob’s most notorious leaders--Al Capone, Charles ’Lucky’ Luciano, Vito Genovese, Frank Costello, Albart Anastasia, Joe Bonanno, Carlo Gambino, Joe Profaci, Thomas Luchese. "And it goes behind the headlines of Rudolph Giuliani’s pursuit of the Mob--the Pizza Connection and Commission trials--to cite with chilling clarity the Mafia’s control over daily life in America: the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the buildings we occupy, the transportation we use. "Under the Clock reads like a novel. But it is frightening, deadly truth." 400 pages with index. Book is in VERY GOOD or better condition. Dust jacket is in VERY GOOD condition. ISBN: 0882820443. Very Good. Hard Cover. Book condition: Very Good
Item number: 000133
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Appr.: | AUD 12.50 | CAD 12.56 | EUR 9.44 | GBP 8.07 | JPY 1042 | MXN 156 | ZAR 84 |
Click for larger image 138. Banker, Marie Sarrafian  
Armenian Romance 

Publisher: Pinebrook Book Club Philadelphia, PA, 1941
Armenian Romance. By Marie Sarrafian Banker. Philadelphia, PA: Pinebrook Book Club, 1941. Hardcover. "Through these pages one lives over the great suffering of a broken nation--but one also sees the haloes of faith that are born from the spilt blood and anguish. Mary, through whose eyes we see most of the story, is the child of Ruth and David. Her heritage is the rich contentment found in the pastoral life of the folk who live in the wooded hills near Kayseri. But persecution comes to this little paradise, and the milk and honey of Kayseri is turned to waste and mourning by the Turks. The Armenians are slaughtered by the thousands, and the soul of the land is taut with suffering. Eunice, Mary’s kin, is exiled into the desert, and undergoes indescribable torture because of her allegiance to Christ. In this beautiful story of the lives of Eunice and Mary and their beloved Armenia, Miss Banker has caught the indomitable courage of faith that has been purified. And she gives in Armenian Romance, a beacon light to the Christian pilgrim who has left all for Christ." 167 pages. Book is in GOOD condition. Dust jacket is in POOR condition; spine missing from dust jacket; front panel is shown for illustration purposes only. Poor. Hard Cover. Book condition: Good
Item number: 000201
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Appr.: | AUD 25.00 | CAD 25.13 | EUR 18.88 | GBP 16.15 | JPY 2083 | MXN 312 | ZAR 168 |
Click for larger image 139. Barada, Bill  
Underwater: The Skindiver's Manual 

Publisher: Trend Books Los Angeles, CA, 1955
Underwater: The Skindiver’s Manual. By Bill Barada. Los Angeles, CA: Trend Books, 1955. Softcover. "A new and fascinating world is yours for the diving when you head down to the depths of the world’s last frontier. Here, in this first how-to-do-it book on the sport of Skindiving, Trend Books’ expert Bill Barada describes in detail everything you’ll need to enjoy this wondrous world--where weight is no more and beauty is unlimited." An early manual for the skindiver. Well illustrated. 128 pages. Book is in FAIR condition; shelfwear. Paper wrappers. No Jacket. Soft Cover. Book condition: Fair
Item number: 000739
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Appr.: | AUD 25.00 | CAD 25.13 | EUR 18.88 | GBP 16.15 | JPY 2083 | MXN 312 | ZAR 168 |
Click for larger image 140. Bari, F. M. Nadeem  
Muhammad: The Best of Humanity 

Publisher: Seerat Academy Afghanabad, Pakistan, 1984
Muhammad: The Best of Humanity (Peace be upon him). By F. M. Nadeem Bari; translated by Zaheer Iqbal Khawaja. Afghanabad, Pakistan: Seerat Academy, 1984. Hardcover. "This book is the English translation of the Special Prize Winning Work on Seerah for Youth, at the National Seerah Conference, Islamabad, 1984 and an Award of Rs. 10, 000/- was made to the Author, by the Government of Pakistan. The book, unlike any other. It is at once readable, Chapter by Chapter in 3 minutes each or whole book in just one hour. Meant for teenagers; essential for all ages. An Introductory, Preliminary and Easy summary of personality traits of the Holy Prophet, in alphabetical order. A brief, simple and to-the-point study of his more life. A combination of definitions from Holy Quran and quotations from his sermons with examples of practical manifestations from his life: both simple and grand. An authentic account of exemplary human behaviour, by the Greatest Preacher in Practice; perfection personified, in his character par excellence; for all the humanity, to study and follow." 128 pages. This is a SCARCE TITLE that can be difficult to find! Book is in FAIR condition. Dust jacket is in FAIR condition. . Fair. Hard Cover. Book condition: Fair
Item number: 000527
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Appr.: | AUD 15.00 | CAD 15.08 | EUR 11.33 | GBP 9.69 | JPY 1250 | MXN 188 | ZAR 101 |

853 items found
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