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What can you expect from Lenny's Rare Books?

Lenny's Rare Books is not a large corporate entity, or even a brick and mortar bookstore. We do not sit in a nice office with a store and warehouse waiting for people to bring in or send us cartons of books. We do not order remainders from book stores or buy publisherÂ’s overstocks. Above all, we are not the sellers who offer super-cheap books on Amazon, eBay and other websites--sellers with low ratings of books that are not accurately described. If you need a description or annotation to the book, but you do not have the time, desire or incentive, do not be upset. You can always turn to services that can help you and where there are cheap ghostwriters for hire.

We are still a two-person business, doing business the way we have been doing it for many years. Lenny's Rare Books is Lenny and Sandy buying books at flea markets, libraries, book sales, thrift shops, garage sales--you get the idea--buying books and now listing them online for sale on this website to collectors and readers. If you email us with a question, and we do not answer right away, it is because we are not always at our desk. Much of our time is spent shopping.

We also buy from individuals, by the way. If you live anywhere on the Delmarva Peninsula, send us an email using the About US link on every page.

When we began selling online ten years ago, a sale often meant a series of emails between myself and the buyer. I met some really interesting people that way. When I confirmed a sale to a buyer in Houlton, Maine, I mentioned that my father had been stationed there at the POW camp at the end of World War II. The buyer was a young man who did not know that there had been a POW camp in his home town. The historical society confirmed that it is now the local airport.

Most of the books we buy are single copies of interesting titles. Because of this, all of our books are subject to prior sale. If you see something you like, now is a good time to buy it.

We are constantly finding new titles on every subject under the sun. If you are looking, for example, for a specific book about the Civil War, we may or may not have it. But we are constantly finding interesting and often hard-to-find titles about the Civil War. New books will be added at a rate of several dozen to several hundred a week on all topics. One or more may be of interest to you.

There are two ways you can take advantage of this:

First, BOOKMARK this site. Refer back to us every week or so to see what is new.

Second, sign up for our e-mail program. Each week or so you will receive an e-mail with a list of new titles that have been added to Lenny's Rare Books. If you are interested in a specific category, there is a space to list it. This will allow you to receive notice of new titles in your particular area of interest.

If you have questions, specific requests, or problems with our service, please contact us. The About US link on every page. Remember that you are dealing with Lenny, Sandy and Otis. We are our own Customer Service. You are not dealing with a minimum wage "expert" at eBay who only knows what is on the script on the computer.

Please browse our site. Let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We would like to work with you and develop a long term relationship.

A thought from Lenny: "Happiness is falling asleep on my easy chair while reading a good book; and then being woken up by my grandson playing dinosaurs on my stomach."

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