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Who Are Lenny & Sandy?

I got the book bug as a child and have been an avid reader and collector ever since. Over forty years ago I began haunting used book sales, garage and yard sales, and used book stores (in those days, brick and mortar). Every book dealer on Long Island (my original home--we are now in southern Delaware) knew me on a first name basis. If you are dealing with books, you will want to write reviews of them or explore topics that are raised by a story. In this case, you can help special services where you can buy book reports.

Many of the books available in used book stores for many dollars could be found at garage sales for a dime or a quarter. My friends at the brick and mortar store would gladly pay me back the quarter the book cost at the garage sale, but rarely more, and only selectively.

Books began to accumulate. (Actually, I believe when two or more books are left alone in a carton, they breed!). Out of necessity, USED BOOKS, ETC. developed. USED BOOKS, ETC. was a one-person operation that began selling part-time at flea markets, selling to individuals and selling, where possible, to book stores. In 1980 the buying and selling of used textbooks was added.

Seventeen years ago, Sandy was added to the mix. It was a second marriage for both of us. For a honeymoon we sold the house, bought a motor home and traveled around the country for a year. It was a wonderful experience. But buying and selling books from a 31-foot motor home (and trying to keep two or more out of the same boxes--see above) was a bit of a cramped lifestyle. We settled down and bought a campground in western Pennsylvania.

In 1999 we discovered the internet. For the last ten years we have been actively selling books online. We go back to the days when eBay was “America’s Marketplace” and not a major corporate entity. Books could be purchased at a fair price, sold online for a fair profit, and provide us with a living from something we both truly love to do.

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