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5 Tips to Help You Host a Wildly Successful Event on a Small Budget


Professional event planner are usually afraid to host a large event, especially if they know that they only have a limited budget. They always think that “bigger is better”, but it is not usually the case.

So long as you’ve done the things right, a successful event means that you’ve got your message delivered in a more effective manner.

For instance, if your event is more on talking about a specific matter, so long as you’ve hired the right speaker, got a suitable venue, and invited all of the important guests, then that, to me, is a successful event. So, how will you create a memorable event, even on a tame budget? Here are some tips:

1. Start Setting a Strategy

Successful events don’t just happen by luck; there is careful planning involved. It is best that you plan ahead so that you will know how you will execute things properly, especially since you’re working on a small budget.

Set your expectations, hire a good team, and pool them together to find some suggestions that you can incorporate to your plan.

2. Learn What Type of Bars There is

There are cases where you have to pay for the bar on a “per-event” basis. In this case, people can just order whatever drinks they want and you’re still going to end up paying the same, even if some of them didn’t really drink too much. That is called a “hosted” bar.

However, there is this thing called a “consumption bar” wherein you will only be paying for the drinks that were actually consumed. The bartender will keep tabs and you will just pay for what was taken. This can really save you a huge amount of money.

3. Expect the Unexpected

Part of being a good event planner is by expecting the unexpected. There are so many things that can pop up that you haven’t anticipated. Things like unexpected fees, broken equipment, food not being delivered on time, and so much more.

It is best that you start anticipating for these unexpected events so that in case that there is something wrong, you’ve already prepared yourself beforehand.

4. Keep the Design Simple

If you’re used to spending a lot of money to buy those expensive and intricate linens, tablecloths, and other design elements, you need to go back to the traditional and simpler designs instead.

Remember, you do not have a lot of cash on you and the expensive linens do not mean that the simpler and cheaper ones are bad.

You just have to stick with your theme, find suitable items that are much cheaper, and go for it.

5. Have Some Entertainment

Even if you’re working on a tight budget, there should always be some form of entertainment no matter what event it is. If you cannot hire a DJ, for example, you could use your Spotify account instead to play some tunes in between VIP sessions.


You can still have a wildly successful event even if you have a tame budget. You just have to focus on the experiential factor and not about the expensive design elements and others.

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