Features to Consider When Looking for a Web Hosting Provider

Features to Consider When Looking for a Web Hosting Provider

1.Customer support

When looking for the best web hosting services in Malaysia, customer service is one of the top considerations. This is an important feature that you shouldn’t ignore. Just in case you encounter some problems, their team would be able to attend to your needs 24/7. Make sure to read web hosting reviews to check how well a potential web host handles customer service response time and communication.


Many web hosting providers would allow users to create many domain names under the same exact account. If you are planning to host many websites at that same web hosting service, this is something you would want to look at.

3.SSL certification

SSL, or secure socket layer, is a certification that adds encryption to the website in order to protect personal information. There are many different types of SSL certificates, some are made for individuals, some are for business owners. Many web hosts provide SSL certificates, but these can also be offered by third-party security platforms.


Right now, you still don’t need multiple email addresses, but soon, as your business grows, you may need some more for your team. This is the reason why you must look for web hosts that provide multiple emails with your domain name.


You will see plenty of web hosting agencies providing 99.9% uptime. But, don’t assume anything. These services usually don’t include their scheduled downtimes. To settle everything, it’s best to read hosting reviews, and check if their clients are experiencing plenty of downtime.


Never go for a web host that doesn’t offer backups. Regular backup routine is one of the most crucial website hosting features, but often overlooked. Remember, all of your company and website files must be backed up promptly on the web server.