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Category: Web Development

7 Amazing Web Development Resources You Can Tap Into

The Resources of Web Development

Whether you want to be educated so that you can become a web developer or you just want to know how to create websites on the side, there are a lot of resources and tutorials that can help you. Below are just some of the most amazing web development resources out there that talk about web development.

1. Codeacademy

This is probably one of the most popular platforms when it comes to getting an education about web development. Codeacademy offers online courses in much as same way as getting formal education from college.

The great thing about Codeacademy is that you can enroll in a class that you like and you can even set your own schedule as well. You can also learn at your own pace which is also great for people who are just learning how to code on the side.

7 Amazing Web Development Resources You Can Tap Into

2. Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web development frameworks. This powers some of the most frequently visited sites such as Github, Twitter, and Basecamp. This framework can help you build not only websites but also web applications as well.

That being said, there is a free resource online that was made by Michael Hartl and it gives you the rundown on the basics as well as the advanced things that you should learn about this particular framework.

3. HTML Dog

Although not as comprehensive to that of Codeacademy, HTML Dog provides a basic and easy to follow tutorial about HTML. They also hand out practice exercises as well.

If you want to learn more about CSS and Javascript, they also have free courses for that too.

4. Mozilla Developer Network

From the company that has made Firefox, one of the most widely used internet browsers today, they have developed a set of online courses that anyone can join.

Their tutorials focus more on the basic programming languages that are specifically for front-end developers such as CSS, Javascript, and of course, HTML.

Despite the lack of coverage, Mozilla’s Developer Network offers basic and advanced courses that cover the entirety of the said programming languages. Take note, it’s for free.

5. Zend’s Free PHP Tutorial

PHP is one scripting language that is necessary for the back-end web development. It is mainly used for server-side programming and you can learn more about it by enrolling in Zend’s Free Tutorial classes. They highlight everything that you need to know about PHP.

6. Github for Beginners

7 Amazing Web Development Resources You Can Tap IntoGithub is one community that many web developers frequently visit. You can post your own code in your repository or you can partake in some open-source projects if you want.

Github is a bit tricky for beginners to use, but thankfully, the community is able to give you a guide on how you can maximize your time on the site.

7. Tuts+ Guide to jQuery

If you want a good crash course on jQuery, which is an open-source Javascript Library and Framework, you can go to Tuts+ tutorial. It is comprehensive enough and all you really need to do is complete the tutorial in 30 days.

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