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Why You Shouldn’t Believe Too Much in ‘Waterproof’ Watches

So, you are planning to buy a casual watch that has a ‘waterproof’ feature on it. The reason why you want to buy such a timepiece is that you are planning to use it even if you are taking a shower or taking a dip in the pool. Whatever the case may be, waterproof watches, just like all things in life, are just a marketing gimmick. In this article, I will tell you why you shouldn’t’ believe too much in waterproof watches.

Waterproof VS Water Resistance- What is the Difference?

Now, there seems to be confusion about waterproof watches versus water-resistant watches and I want to make a distinction. For all intents and purposes, all watches that you can find on the market are just water-resistant and not completely waterproof. If you are talking about something that is waterproof, all of the dials are protected even from the massive pressure that is exerted on the watch when you dive in the deep waters.

Water-resistance is sort of a rating where you can wear the watch safely without breaking but only to a point.

Important Terminologies

When you are shopping for waterproof (or should I say, water-resistant) watches, you may come across certain terminologies and I will explain them in this section. Here are just some of the common ones:

  • ATM- This refers to the atmosphere and what you need to know about this one is that 1 ATM is equivalent to 10 meters
  • Bar- This is just an alternative metric that is also somewhat similar to the atmosphere. A watch that has a 20-bar water resistance should be sturdy enough to withstand water pressures of up to 200 meters in depth

Keep in mind that they are just ratings and may not actually be representative in real-world scenarios. That is because it is really hard to test for such things, given that the force that can be exerted to your watch will depend on a number of factors- some cannot be emulated in a controlled environment.

What to Expect

If you are going to buy a watch that has a 3-bar rating, you can safely wear it in the shower or in the pool. However, keep in mind that if the shower temperature is too hot, it could damage its water-resistant components and unexpected water damage may occur.

If you are on the market for a reliable water-resistant watch, I suggest that you get a 5-bar watch at the very least. You can take a shower with it and can withstand at least 20 meters of water. For water enthusiasts like scuba or deep divers, a 10-bar or 20-bar watch is certainly the one that they would want to buy. It can withstand water pressure of up to 100-200 meters, but keep in mind that the lower you go, the higher the chance of it destroying the inner mechanism of the watch itself. Should there be any water that slips through the watch’s display, have it serviced by a reputable company.

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