Baby Care: Baby Feeding Tools and Supplies

Baby Care: Baby Feeding Tools and Supplies

Shopping for your baby is an exciting thing to do. From listing down baby essentials to buying lots of baby milk bottles in Malaysia, purchasing baby supplies can fun but a bit overwhelming. Below are some of the baby supplies and tools you need to buy soon, even before your little one arrives hoe from the hospital.

1.Plates and Bowls

Every parent must begin with a set of baby plastic bowls they can use for mixing purees. Just purchase those stacking bowls in the nearest department store. Don’t buy breakable plates, since your baby would surely enjoy bowl-tossing for the first year of her life.


Great, quality spoons are the keys to successful baby feeding sessions. Before finding the best one, you may want to try a few difference ones. However, if you are doing some baby finger foods, you wouldn’t need infant spoons yet.


This is something you need to have ahead of time. You can easily teach your child how to use this one, since there is no wrong or right way of holding it. Moreover, you can get two variants, one for holding thicker and thinner food items.

4.Bigger Spoons and Thicker Forks

As your child grows, you would want her to use a much thicker fork, and larger spoon. Make sure to get the ones made of soft plastic, so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. There are tons of brands that offer quality spoons and forks.

5.Infant Spoon

Pick the right size for your infant child. The first few weeks and months of your little one would be composed of messy, quick feeding sessions. Pick a brand that wouldn’t let you down.