5 Silliest Website Hosting Features

5 Silliest Website Hosting Features

1.Drupal, WordPress and Joomla Support

Drupal, Joomla and WordPress can run on almost every platform. This means that it really has nothing to do with the website host that you are using. They are popular, reliable content management systems that allow people to build, organize and manage websites, even without a background on programming languages.

The ultimate catch here is that there is a one-click installation provided through the website hosting organization. It can save you headaches and time connected with traditional installation.

2.Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth

The truth is, even if you avail unlimited website hosting packages, your hosting service would, at some point, become limited. For instance, some businesses throttle CPU usage once the client hit a specific threshold set by every company. The companies have their own definitions, thresholds and rules on normal usage.

3.Free Google Analytics

Looking for the best hosting services in Malaysia is not easy. But of course, you would want to end up with a reliable hosting provider that offer quality analytics tools. Google Analytics is a platform that you can always use for free, though this is not offered by the hosting company for free. It is a free services delivered by Google.

4.99% Uptime Guarantee

Who wouldn’t love a nearly 100% uptime? This means that your web pages are sure to be up and running all the time. But, in truth, all websites can be inaccessible at some point, but very minimal.

5.JavaScript and DHTML File Support

Several web hosting shoppers have been fooled on this aspect. After all, it already borders on the technology realm that many website owners and marketers are not really familiar with. Don’t get fooled by all the tech words and acronyms. Basically, these kinds of files run on the side of the client. There are no special requirements on the website hosting server to support all of these files.