5 Reasons Why Website Usefulness is More Important than Website Beauty

5 Reasons Why Website Usefulness is More Important than Website Beauty

Website design has become quite “refined” nowadays, to say the least. Before, website developers cram as many elements as they can on the homepage so that people can easily access them. However, if you implement that kind of design mindset, your website will not be popular in the search engine results page.

Website designers are now moving to a more simplistic approach because, believe it or not, function comes first before form. That being said, here are some reasons why website usefulness is more important than website beauty based on the website making company.

  1. Function Leads, Form Follows

As the popular American Architect, Louis Sullivan puts it, “Form Follows Function”. In other words, whatever you do, you design something that has a certain function and form invariably follows afterward. It doesn’t work the other way around which, sadly, a lot of website designers are doing.

Developers are lead to believe that if your website just looks good, then people will just love it anyway, even though your website does not provide good functionality at all.

Remember, form always follows function and it is not the other way around. So be sure to think of functions first before you enhance its form.

  1. A Pleasing Website Usually Distracts People from Your Site’s Main Function

There is a saying that beauty can distract, and that is actually true to website design. If you have way too many flashy animations, you might entice people to visit your site often. However, this might also be the reason why they’re there just for the show and not for what you really have to offer.

The best thing that you can do is offer them an easy pathway to your site’s basic functionalities. For instance, if you’re selling some products, for example, make sure that they can easily navigate your product catalog directly from the landing page.

If you work with a team, close coordination is key so that the function and form can work hand in hand.

  1. Poor Website Functionality Can Lead to High Bounce Rates

For those of you who do not know, High Bounce Rate refers to people leaving your website after being there for a short amount of time. You want people to not only visit your site, but to also stay there for quite a long time.

Make sure that you have compelling content like blogs and articles that might be relevant to the message that you want to convey (or to the products that you want to sell).

Furthermore, it is best that you utilize Responsive Design so that your content can be optimally viewed on the mobile phone as well.

  1. Keep Loading Times to a Minimum

We live in a fast-paced world and because of that, the peoples’ patience goes down. When people arrive at a particularly good-looking website, only for them to have to wait more than 10 seconds to load everything, then they will almost always leave the site.

Look, I get it that you want your site to look really good, but it doesn’t really work if it also takes a long time for everything to load up.

People just aren’t adept at waiting for anything in this day and age. Therefore, if you are going to make use of design elements, make sure that they’re optimized for speed so that every time that a person visits your website, it loads pretty quickly.

  1. Focusing More on the Visual Leads to Customer Confusion

You can only focus on one thing at a time. And, if you focus more on the website’s aesthetics more than the function, it will always lead to customer confusion. Why? Because you’re too engrossed as to what design elements you should add to your site that you completely forgot about the function.

If your website is too visually complex, it leads to customer confusion. People will not know how to handle your website and if they do not get what they came for, they will usually just leave and find another source.


Form always follows function. Therefore, it is important that you focus more on the functionalities of your site as opposed to focusing on the aesthetics first. Remember, create a site with function first, before adding in the aesthetics.